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River's Duchess Tanzanite

Tanz is a gorgeous Black & Tan female cavalier with Blue Merle coloring. She was born in Ohio and has many famous Cavalier Champions on her pedigree. Blue Merle Cavaliers are very rare! We spent years looking for a Blue Merle from just the right lineage. Tanz is from the Crisdig and Homaranne cavalier lineage. Both lines are known for healthy and beautiful cavaliers. She has a wonderful personality and is very sweet! Her tail never stops wagging. She loves to play with JoJo and Luna.


AKC Registration Number: TS51882101

AKC DNA Number: V885730


Link: Merle Cavalier Information

Link: Pictures of Tanz


Genetic Testing


Episodic Falling Syndrome - Clear

Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) - Clear

Dry Eye Curly Coat Syndrome - Clear

2-DHA Kidney & Bladder Stones - Clear

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (SAG) - Clear

Genetic testing was performed for over 250 genetic diseases.

Champion Pedigree


Tanz has many champions in her linage. Two of the most famous are CH Crisdig Merry Matelot and CH Homaranne Caption.


Her lineage pedigree includes:


CH Aloysius of Sunninghill (English Champion)

CH Annabelle of Astondowns (AKC Champion)

CH Bredonvale Bernard (English Champion)

CH Cerdric of Ttiweh (English Champion)

CH Crisdig Captivation (English Champion)

CH Crisdig Geordie of Ottermouth (English Champion)

CH Crisdig Henry (AKC Champion)

CH Crisdig Merry Matelot (English Champion)

CH Daywell Roger (English Champion)

CH Hillbarn Alexander of Ttiweh (AKC Champion)

CH Homaranne Caption (English Champion)

CH Homaranne Captivation (AKC Champion)

CH Homerbrent Henry (Australian Champion)

CH Little Dorrit of Ttiweh (AKC Champion)

CH Raoul of Ttiweh (AKC Champion)

CH Rose Mullion of Ottermouth (English Champion)

CH Vairire Osiris (English Champion)



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