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We are an AKC Inspected and Approved Kennel
We are a Cavalier family. Our dogs are treated like our children. We only breed Cavaliers and feel they are a special breed. After a long process, we selected our starting puppies from California, Ohio, and Nebraska. They came from healthy bloodlines.
Our puppies are well cared for and our whelping boxes are custom built with heat lamps and a heated floor that can be removed. The temperature is digitally monitored for the ideal environment. Our puppies receive deworming medicine, prepared by our veterinarian, at three, five, and seven weeks. Their weight is monitored constantly throughout the first eight weeks to ensure all puppies are healthy and growing at the perfect rate. The weight is measured on digital scales and recorded on their weekly birthday. Our puppies receive lots of love and attention. They are part of our family.
Once a female is pregnant, we move her to a private kennel and she eats puppy food and takes a special complex of liquid and tablet vitamins. As the puppies grow inside mom, the puppy food is flowing through their body. The puppies become accustom to the puppy food for later when they are eating the same dry food.
When a new litter is born, it's like bringing home a baby from the hospital. Kim and I set our alarm clock to check on mom and the puppies every two hours 24/7. After a couple of days, it goes from every two hours to every four hours. They get constant care throughout the first eight weeks.
We build a Puppy Book Sheet, similar to a baby book, that has all their "firsts" listed. Time of birth, opened eyes, first step, walking, first bath, first wet wood, first dry food, first vet appointment, weekly weights, etc... The Puppy Book Sheet is included with the puppy when they go to their new home.
Kim and I enjoy researching the various lines of Cavaliers. We've traced our Cavaliers back many generations. They have many champions in their heritage as listed on their individual pages. Most breeders say, "Champion Bloodlines." We actually list a dozen or more champions on their pages.
There's a lot of puppy mills in the Untied States! We bred Cavaliers because we love the breed. Cavaliers are a very loving dog. If you want to play...they're ready to play. If you want to watch a movie...they'll curl up by you and watch a movie. They try really hard to please. Kim is a retired teacher. She taught Kindergarten for 20+ years. She has the patience of Job. I own a software development company in Huntsville, Alabama. We build explosive software for the military. We don't raise Cavaliers to pay the bills. We raise Cavaliers because we love the breed. We are there when the puppies are born and spend countless hours with the puppies before they go to a new home. They become part of our family. We have a daughter that's 30 years old and a software engineer at Radiance Technology in Huntsville. A son that's 26 years old and a network engineer at FiberRise in Huntsville. We're blessed to have great kids! Our kids mean the world to us and it's tough with the empty nest. It went from basketball, football, baseball, softball, and karate every night of the week to zero. That's tough! Our puppies get LOTS of attention.

Most of our puppies have been adopted by families who came to our house and toured our kennel. They saw the parents, puppies and how well the puppies are cared for. I think that speaks volumes for how much care and time we spend to make sure our puppies are healthy, happy and loved.

The picture below is Apollo and Ruby as puppies.
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