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We are a Cavalier family. Our dogs are treated like our children. We have three adult Cavaliers and only breed Cavaliers. After a long process, we selected our dogs from California, Ohio, and Nebraska. They come from healthy bloodlines. The puppies are well cared for and our whelping boxes are custom built with a series of heat lamps. The temperature is digitally monitored for the ideal environment. Our puppies receive deworming medicine, prepared by our veterinarian, at three, five and seven weeks. Their weight is monitored constantly throughout the first eight weeks to ensure all puppies are healthy and growing at the perfect rate. The weight is measured on digital scales and recorded. Our puppies receive lots of love and attention. They are part of our family.
During 2017, we added two new Cavalier puppies to our family. We searched for over a year looking for new additions. Our new family members are healthy, happy, and doing great. Lexi is from Kentucky and has many champions on her pedigree. Bella is from Arkansas and is a special Cavalier! There will be more posted about them soon.
Most of our puppies have been adopted by families who came to our house and toured our kennel. They saw the parents, puppies and how well the puppies are cared for. I think that speaks volumes for how much care and time we spend to make sure our puppies are healthy, happy and loved.
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