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River's Mocha Latte

Mocha is a gorgeous Chocolate female cavalier. She has a base coat of Ruby with Chocolate highlights. She's very petite only weighing 10 pounds as an adult. You can see the chocolate highlights in the pictures below. She comes from from the Crisdig line of cavaliers which is known for their health and temperament. Our River's Razorback Bella is from the Crisdig line. Bella and Mocha are both very sweet!

Link: Pictures of Mocha

Pictures are also posted below


Genetic Testing


Episodic Falling Syndrome - Clear

Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) - Clear

Dry Eye Curly Coat Syndrome - Clear

2-DHA Kidney & Bladder Stones - Clear

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (SAG) - Clear

Genetic testing was performed for over 250 genetic diseases.

Champion Pedigree


Mocha has many champions in her linage. Two of the most famous are CH Crisdig Celebration and CH Sunninghill Perseus of Loch Free.


Her lineage pedigree includes:

CH Crisdig Buttons (AKC Champion)

CH Crisdig Charm (English Champion)

CH Crisdig Leading Seaman (English Champion)

CH Crisdig Celebration (English Champion)

CH Crisdig Henry (Australian Champion)

CH Crisdig Merry Matelot (English Champion)

CH Vairire Charmaine of Crisdig (English Champion)

CH Sunninghill Perseus of Loch Free (International Champion)

CH Pargeter McBounce (International Champion)

Note: Click on Pictures for larger view. Some pictures of Mocha as a puppy, adult, and pictures of her mother/father. She's a petite girl!

Mocha's Father
Mocha's Mother
Mocha Adult
Mocha Adult
Mocha Adult
Mocha Adult
Mocha Adult
Mocha Adult
Mocha Adult
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