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AKC Inspected & Approved

The American Kennel Club (AKC) was established in 1884 and is the only canine registry that performs kennel inspections.

We have passed all our AKC inspections with zero deficiencies. The inspectors have been impressed with our kennel, health of dogs, and paperwork.

The inspection is four parts: 1) Kennel 2) Dogs 3) Paperwork 4) Disaster Plan


1) Kennel: Our kennel has been inspected by an AKC Inspector. The inspector looks at the kennel for construction and cleanliness. It must provide warm, dry housing and ample space for each dog plus exercise space.

Our adult houses and whelping boxes have heat lamps and a drop in heated floor when needed. They are constructed like your family home with 2x4 insulated walls and 3/4" rubber flooring. The covered front is 6" thick concrete and the rear run area is 6" of river gravel to act as a filtration system.

2) Dogs: Each dog is inspected for overall health and identification. All our dogs are microchipped and I use a microchip scanner for identifying each dog.

Puppies are inspected for identification and health.

All our adults have been DNA tested by AKC and have their DNA profile stored with AKC. A cheek swab of any puppy can easily establish the Sire and Dam to prove parentage verification. A comparison of the DNA profiles of a dam, sire, and pup(s) will determine, with greater than 99% confidence, whether the pups are from the tested dam and sire.

3) Paperwork: All paperwork for each adult and puppy is inspected. I keep breeding records of each breeding session with Sire, Dam, witnesses, mating date, and location. I have litter records for each litter with individual puppies listed with the adoptee, address, phone, date received, litter number, Sire, Dam, date of birth, and paperwork provided to the adoptee. Vaccination records, veterinarian statements, and Bills of Sale are included to the inspector.

4) Disaster Plan: I have a detailed disaster plan and "grab bag". The disaster plan indicates the action to take if a tornado warning is issued or evacuation is needed due to a major catastrophe. It lists pet-friendly hotels in the area, emergency phone numbers, veterinarian addresses, and phone numbers, evacuation routes, etc. The grab bag contains food, water, bowls, blankets, first aid kit, towels, trash bags, leashes, collars, tags, and documentation.

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