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River's Rocky Mountain Rusty

Rusty is a handsome ruby male cavalier. He has a beautiful coat and is on the smaller side. Rusty is the perfect magazine cover example of a ruby cavalier. He was born in Utah from a healthy line of cavaliers. He is registered with AKC and has been DNA tested by AKC.  He has a great temperament. He loves to play with other dogs especially Luna. At eight weeks old, he flew from Salt Lake City with a nanny in the cabin of the plane and was passed around to kids during the flight. He thinks he's more human than canine.


AKC Registration Number: TS41153208

AKC DNA Number: V886630

OFA Number: KCS-EF981/57M-NOPI

OFA Number: KCS-DEC977/57M-NOPI


Genetic Testing


Episodic Falling Syndrome - Clear

Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) - Clear

Dry Eye Curly Coat Syndrome - Clear

2-DHA Kidney & Bladder Stones - Clear

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (SAG) - Clear

Genetic testing was performed for over 250 genetic diseases.


Champion Pedigree


Rusty has an impressive pedigree. GCH Sheeba Wanna Talk About Me and CH Telvara Top-Kopy are both part of his lineage. The Sheeba and Telvara cavalier lines are well known for producing healthy and beautiful cavaliers. We spent 4 years searching for a ruby male from one of these lines and found Rusty from both lines!


His pedigree includes:


CH Sheeba Nettuno (AKC Champion)
CH Sheeba Rondo Veneziano (AKC Champion)
CH Sheeba Calling All Angels (AKCChampion)
GCH Sheeba Wanna Talk About Me (AKC Grand Champion)
CH Sheeba Special Delivery (AKC Champion)
CH Sheeba Romeo (AKC Champion)
CH Sheeba Mustang Sally (AKC Champion)
CH Epernay Sheeba Chloe (AKC Champion)
CH Sheeba Sassy Sadonia (AKC Champion)
CH Sheeba Black Beauty (AKC Champion)
CH Sheeba Crème De La Crème (AKC Champion)
CH Sheeba Show Special de la Vigie (International Champion)
CH Telvara Top-Kopy (AKC Champion)
CH Televara Krystal Kascade (English Champion)
CH Televara Top Hat (English Champion)
CH Telvara Kasanova (English Champion)
CH Telvara Krysterson (Australian Champion)




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