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River's Jazzy JoJo

JoJo is a beautiful Tri female cavalier. She's on the smaller side at only 13 pounds. She has many famous Cavalier Champions on her pedigree. She has a beautiful coat! It's inline with what show quality Tri cavaliers should look like, however she does have some unique markings that we love. She is registered with AKC and has been DNA tested by AKC. She is our first Tri female. She's from a great cavalier lineage (Salador and Homerbrent). Both lines are known for healthy and beautiful cavaliers. She has a wonderful personality, very sweet, and full of energy! Her and Tanz are big buddies.


AKC Registration Number: TS52299503

AKC DNA Number: V10038917

OFA Number: KCS-EF982/26F-NOPI

OFA Number: KCS-DEC978/26F-NOPI

Genetic Testing


Episodic Falling Syndrome - Clear

Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) - Clear

Dry Eye Curly Coat Syndrome - Clear

2-DHA Kidney & Bladder Stones - Clear

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (SAG) - Clear

Genetic testing was performed for over 250 genetic diseases.


Champion Pedigree

JoJo has many champions in her linage. Her linage includes CH Donavan v.h. Lanslag who won championships in four different countries (International, Dutch, Belgium, & German Championships).

Her lineage pedigree includes:


CH Charlotte aux Pommes de la Vigie (Swiss & International Champion)

CH Doenja v.h. Lamslag (Dutch Champion)

CH Donavan v.h. Lanslag (International, Dutch, Belgium, & German Champion)

CH Homaranne Andy Capp (English Champion)

CH Homerbrent Samantha (English Champion)

CH Homerbrent Samson (English Champion)

CH Montbarle Ceri Mair of Ravenrush (AKC Champion)

CH Mostyn Sheeba Celtic Edition (AKC Champion)

CH Ravenrush Tartan (AKC Champion)

CH Salador Chopsi (Canadian Champion)

CH Salador Corrigan (English Champion)

CH Salador Crystal Gayle (English Champion)

CH Samuel Pepys of Amantra (English Champion)

CH Shagbark Dallas (AKC Champion)

CH Sheeba Bare Necessities (AKC Champion)

CH Sheeba Coconut (AKC Champion)

CH Sheeba Discover Nemo (AKC Champion)

CH Sheeba Gypsy Rose (AKC Champion)

CH Sheeba Special Edition (AKC Champion)

CH Tnegun Charivari (International Champion)

Note: Click on Pictures for larger view. The first two pictures are JoJo as a puppy. The last three pictures are JoJo as an adult. She's a petite girl!



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