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River's Lady Luna

Luna is a very sweet female Blenheim cavalier. Kim and I enjoy researching the Cavalier's pedigree and Luna's has an impressive background. She is registered with AKC and DNA tested by AKC. She is energetic and loves to watch television. She's one of the best mothers I've seen with her puppies.


AKC Registration Number: TS40627502

AKC DNA Number: V886548


Champion Pedigree


Luna comes from a long line of Ravenrush and Salador cavaliers. These two cavalier lines are notorious for producing champions.


Her lineage pedigree includes:


CH Ravenrush Impresario (AKC Champion)
CH Ravenrush Perfecta (American & Canadian Champion)
CH Ravenrush Tartan (AKC Champion)
CH Kindrum Redcoat of Ravenrush
CH Kindrum Lucifer at Rutherford (American & Canadian Champion)
CH Kindrum Archie Tec of Primrose (AKC Champion)
CH Salador Celtic Dirk (Canadian Champion)
CH Salador Crismark (English Champion)
CH Salador Colleen (English Champion)
CH Salador Celtic Prince (English Champion)
CH Homerbrent Samson (English Champion)
CH Homerbrent Samantha (English Champion)
CH Tnegun Charivari (International Champion)
CH Cadeyrn Black Tulip (English Champion)
CH Bredonvale Bernard (English Champion)
CH Rose Mullion of Ottermouth (English Champion)


CH Ravenrush Perfecta: American & Canadian Champion

Call Name: Queenie












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