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Current Puppies

Great News!
As of July 2024:


We're expected several litters within the next few months.


Puppy Price: $2200 (Standard Colors)


Deposit: $400
Due at Pickup of Puppy: $1800
Standard Colors: Blenheim, Tri, Black & Tan, Ruby
Blue Merle and Chocolate Cavaliers are individually priced
We are an AKC Inspected and Approved Kennel
Standard Color Puppies:
AKC puppies are registerable with AKC and comes from Champion bloodlines. AKC parents are AKC registered and DNA tested by AKC. They are great examples of the breed with nice short noses, very high set ears, short backs, heavy coat, and feathering.
All our babies come pre-spoiled. AKC uppies come with AKC registration paperwork, AKC New Puppy Packet, Health Record from Veterinarian exam, Distemper/Parvo Vaccination, Baby Book Sheet, and Kim makes each puppy a blanket with scent from their siblings and mother.
You will also receive pictures and videos of your puppy from birth until he arrives including updates along the way as you wait for your new puppy. 
Our breeding dogs are handpicked to become part of our family and to produce the finest puppies. 
A deposit will hold your place on the deposit list for the selection of your puppy.  Deposits can be made by mailing a check, PayPal, Venmo, or in person.
Our Previous Puppies Photo Gallery contains pictures of our previous puppies.
Link: Previous Puppies Photo Gallery
Link: Adoption Pictures
Link: Testimonials
It’s first come first serve on the deposits. You’ll know your position on the adoption list. The puppies receive a full vet exam at 3-weeks old. We start the adoption process when the puppies are three to four weeks old. I’ll post a link to pictures of the puppies. The first pick will start at that time. The person at pick position number one will have the first pick and then it will move to pick position number two. A person will have 7-days to adopt a puppy or pass and then it will move to the next person. Due to others waiting to adopt a puppy, there are no exceptions to waiting for longer than 7-days to select your puppy or pass. You do not have to select a puppy when it’s your selection. You can pass until the next litter. After the selection of puppies from a litter, the families who adopt a puppy will be removed from the list and everyone below them will move up. When the next litter is born, it will start at the top of the pick list (pick number one). We have a password-protected webpage for our adoption process. Once a deposit is made, the family receives the password for the adoption process. I'll be glad to answer any questions about the process and the deposit list. I keep this page updated throughout the process. The adoption process is as honest and transparent as I can make it. You can follow along as each puppy is adopted.
Health is by far the most important part of any puppy adoption!!! We had over a dozen years of canine breeding experience before starting our search for a cavalier pet. We knew all the right questions to ask concerning health. It took us several years to find a breeder we trusted with the health of our puppy. The more we researched cavaliers, the more we fell in love with the breed. We switched from wanting a cavalier as a pet to start our adoption process so others can enjoy the love of the breed. We've had over a hundred cavalier puppies adopted and stay in contact with most of the families. We've had ZERO health issues from any of our puppies as they've grown into beautiful healthy adults. That's something we're very happy about! We want to provide the healthiest puppies we possibly can to their new families.
We start the adoption process when the puppy is three to four weeks old. We want the process to be special to the waiting family. We keep the family updated with videos and information throughout the process while they wait for their puppy to be ready for their new home at 8-weeks old. The puppies are weighed on their weekly birthdays. We send the weekly video to the family and update them on how much they gained from the previous week. We send videos weekly of the puppies playing and doing puppy things :) We love the puppies. They are like our little children. We hope the family will fall in love with the puppy before he arrives at their home. It shouldn't be like buying a vacuum cleaner from Walmart. We work with the puppies on socialization with other adult cavaliers, cats, and people. We also start them on potty training. We feel the easier we can make it for the waiting family the better it will be for the puppy. It's like our little kids leaving. We want them to have the best start at life possible.
Link to Sire: River's King Apollo


Link to Sire: River's Rocky Mountain Rusty
Link to Dam: River's Cali Candy (Retired)
Link to Dam: River's Duchess Tanzanite
Link to Dam: River's Jazzy JoJo
Link to Dam: River's Jemma Jewels (Retired)
Link to Dam: River's Lady Luna
Link to Dam: River's Louisville Lexi
Link to Dam: River's Mocha Latte
​Link to Dam: River's Razorback Bella (Retired)
Link to Dam: River's Royal Ruby (Retired)
Link to Dam: River's Zesty Zoe



Link: Previous Puppies Photo Gallery
Link: AKC Inspected & Approved
Link: Puppy Feeding
Link: Puppy Food
Link: Puppy Teething
Link: Leaving For New Home
Link: New Puppy Information
Link: Life of a Newborn Puppy
Link: Puppy Dewormer
Link: Ultrasound
Please feel free to call or text at 256-509-9104. My email is
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