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Puppy: Percy
From: Diane

I wanted to send this picture of our precious Percy. He has been a wonderful addition to our home. Everyone that sees him falls in love! The vet says he is in great health with beautiful coat and coloring.  He is so energetic and playful and is just fun to watch!  He is sweet and has a great personality! To us he is priceless! Thanks to you and Kim for getting him off to such a great start for us!  Oh yes, we have spoiled the cutey pie!

Puppy: Lexi
From: Donna

I purchased my beautiful cavalier from River's Edge Cavaliers several weeks ago. I had investigated breeders in AL and TN and decided River's Edge was the breeder for me. Jeff sent me weekly updates with pictures and videos so I could see my little girl grow and progress. Jeff had my puppy vet checked and gave me excellent medical records. I took my puppy to my vet and he said she was a very healthy puppy. Jeff has much love and dedication for his puppies. I am very happy and satisfied with my puppy and this breeder.

Puppy: Gus
From: Mary

Gus was very smart at a young age. He’s a quick learner, due to him being taught by the Smith family. I was very happy and love came easy from my husband and I for Gus. He understands what you say to him. He was with us for a week and he learn to ring the bell to go potty. He also is stubborn, if you don't open the door he will ring the bell again and then pee on the floor. We now have a puppy door and in two days he knew what to do. I feel that with the early training he had playing and eating and being with the Smith family made the difference. How can I ever thank you for a wonderful puppy. . Aloha Maaaary

Puppy: Blaze
From: Keith

Anyone wanting to add a loveable CKC Spaniel to the family, look no further than River’s Edge.  This family treats their precious pups like family too.  I visited them several times to see the operation and the puppies available at the time and was more than impressed with what I observed.  Jeff and Kim are devoted to the well-being of their dogs and make sure the puppies go to caring well-prepared homes. My little guy is now 6 months old - healthy, happy, strong and handsome with a beautiful Blenheim coat.  He is a joy to have around.  You really cannot go wrong with River’s Edge Cavaliers!

Puppy: Phoebe
From: Adam & Presley

My husband and I cannot say enough good things about Rivers Edge Cavaliers! The Smith family sent us weekly updates on our sweet Phoebe, and we looked forward to them every week! Everything was handled very professionally, and we appreciated how informed they kept us. Phoebe is beautiful, energetic, and smart! At 11 weeks old she has already learned multiple tricks and loves to show them off, especially speak! We love spoiling her! I’m so thankful we found Rivers Edge Cavaliers!

Puppy: CoCo
From: Becca

I have had the absolute best experience adopting our sweet pup from River's Edge Cavaliers.  The Smiths kept me informed from the day I reached out to them to get on a waiting list until the day I picked up our sweet girl.  They provided tip-top care for Mama and her pups and it shows! Our puppy is very healthy, smart, and super sweet.  She is a wonderful addition to our family. I can’t thank y’all enough!

Puppy: Tag
From: Ian & Lucy

Just over a month ago we adopted our beautiful girl Tag from Jeff and Kim Smith. Our perfect girl is not only exceptionally intelligent but also loving, playful, friendly, well-mannered, and well adjusted. She quickly learned to walk on the leash, is almost fully potty trained, and is beginning to learn “sit” and “fetch”. She is the epitome of a River’s Edge Cavalier and a testament to Jeff and Kim’s devotion to their Cavaliers. As Tag was growing and getting ready to be part of our family, we received texts nearly every day from Jeff and Kim. The care and commitment they exhibit in raising each remarkable puppy are most comforting and informative to new adopters. In fact, my parents decided to adopt their own puppy after meeting the Smiths and Tag before she was old enough to come home with us. I speak for my family- including Tag- when I say there is no better place to find the perfect Cavalier. 

Puppy: Macy
From: Callie

River’s Edge Has been wonderful to work with. Since the day I contacted them about getting on a waiting list I could tell they were professional and loved their pups. I received pictures and updates about Macy weekly, and could tell that Jeff and Kim had taken time to love on her. I would recommend River’s Edge to anyone who wanted a cavalier puppy.

Puppy: Starr
From: Gregg & Doris

On our first visit to River's Edge Cavaliers we were so impressed with all of the dogs and puppies.  We could tell right away that the owners, Jeff and Kim, were completely dedicated to their Cavaliers.  Clearly, they gave them the best care and loved each one individually.  We hadn’t intended to adopt a puppy, but after our visit, we knew we wanted one of those beautiful dogs for ourselves.  Soon after our daughter brought Tag, her Cavalier, home, we were fortunate to be able adopt her half-brother Starr.  During Starr’s first seven weeks, Jeff and Kim sent daily updates via texts, pictures, and videos of Starr and his litter mates.  After bringing Starr home, we were amazed at how well-adjusted he was. He was almost housebroken and immediately able to take short walks on his leash.  He has quickly learned to come when we call, is playful, sweet, and very loving. He quickly took his place, along with our older cocker spaniel, as a family member. If you are looking for the perfect puppy, you will find him or her with Kim and Jeff at River's Edge Cavaliers!

Puppy: Fergus
From: Greg & Denise

I did a lot of research when my husband and I decided to buy a Cavalier. We wanted him to come from a loving family that really cared about the dogs and keeping the breeding line healthy. I found what we were looking for with Jeff and Kim at River's Edge Cavaliers. It was so exciting to get several videos and pictures every week as our baby grew. We went to visit him twice before we brought him home. Jeff and Kim always referred to him by the name we gave him so Fergus answered to his name as soon as we picked him up to take him to his new home. I could go on and on with all the wonderful things about getting our puppy from River's Edge Cavaliers but what it boils down to is if you want a healthy, happy Cavalier puppy, you have found the right place.

Puppy: George
From: James & Carla

This is George...we were lucky to find him on River’s Edge Cavaliers, from the first time I spoke with Jeff on text, emails, and calls, he was so detailed about the adoption process and information about the mom and dad...from the moment I made the decision to pick my puppy! It was amazing the way Jeff will send me daily/weekly updates, pictures, videos ...of the progress of all the pups and mommy...I was so pleased and happy to know my precious boy was in such a good hands! This pup was a surprise for my husband and when I told him how I found him and showed him all the communication between July 18th to September 6th which was the day I picked my pup up, he was impressed on how kind, caring, loving and professional Jeff and his wife are and taking this adoption process so well managed...we still in touch and I send pics of George to River’s Edge because they took care of him first hand and they deserve to see how well my baby is doing!!! I couldn’t be more thankful and happier for bringing my beautiful Cavalier home!!! Maybe we will get another one...who knows? They are just too cute! Thank you!!!!!

Puppy: Sable
From: Ashton

I just took Sable to meet her new vet and wanted to let you know how highly he sang her breeder's praises!! He said that you guys know what you’re doing and do it very well and that when puppies come in like Sable it is a breath of fresh air! So I wanted to extend another HUGE thank you for all you guys did and are doing for these babies!


Puppy: Remy
From: Justin & Beth-Anne

It has been a long, great Sunday! Remy girl finally got to come home today. She is doing great. She did great the whole car ride home from Decatur, is already letting us know when she needs to go out to potty, ate her first good meal, has gotten all the compliments from every neighbor that has been outside during our walks, and is settling in better than we could have ever hoped for. She is such a sweet girl and we love her to death already. A big thank you to Jeff and Kim Smith for being amazing during this whole process! We couldn’t be happier!

Puppy: Nash
From: Sharon

We are approaching a year since we picked our pup Nash up. I wanted to send you pics and an update. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is loyal, loving and beautiful! We can’t even imagine the joy and love we would have missed if we had waited on the girl we requested. One of the best decisions we made was bringing him home. He is very healthy and happy. Thank you and Kim for being loving responsible breeders!

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