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Puppy Deposits

With over 20 years of breeding experience, we offer healthy cavalier puppies for adoption. Health is by far the most important characteristic of any dog. Adopting a puppy is a long term commitment. We strive to produce the healthiest puppies that can be delivered. We've delivered over 160 healthy cavalier puppies. We stay in contact with most of the families and have received reports of zero health problems from our puppies!
We start the adoption process early. Our goal is for the family to fall in love with the puppy before arriving at his new home. The puppies are like our little children. We feel the easier we can make it for the new family...the better it will be for the puppy. We send videos to the family several times a week of their puppy in hopes they will feel a connection to the puppy before he arrives at his new home. It shouldn't be like buying a vacuum cleaner from Walmart. We want to include the family in the puppy's life as he gets ready to be a part of his new home and their family. You will see him grow and develop along the way. We work hard on the socialization of the puppy with our cats, adult dogs, the outdoors, and people. We start them on potty training and most are well on their way to being potty trained before leaving. It's like our little kids leaving. We want them to have the best start at life possible.
Our adoption process is as transparent and honest as we can make it. You'll know how many other families are on the deposit list prior to making a deposit. The deposit list is displayed on the private webpage that you will receive the password to view. You can follow along with the adoptions and see which puppies are adopted and by which family. Due to privacy concerns, I only list initials and city/state. i.e. J.S. (Decatur, AL).
We've received a lot of positive feedback from families concerning this adoption process. It's has worked well.
Deposits can be made by PayPal, Venmo, mailing a check, or in person. You can contact me for information on how to place a deposit. 256.509.9104,, Contact Us Form
Link: Previous Puppies Photo Gallery
Link: Adoption Pictures

Deposit Information:


FOR OUR FUTURE LITTERS:  It’s first come first serve on deposits. You’ll know your position on the deposit list. I’ll post pictures between two and three weeks of age to our website on the private deposit page. The first pick will start when the puppy pictures are posted. I contact the family who has the current pick to make sure they know it's their turn to adopt a puppy. It's also listed on the page for everyone to view. The person at pick position number one will have the first pick and then it will move to pick position number two. We will continue this process until all puppies have been adopted. A person will have 7-days to select a puppy and then it will move to the next person on the deposit list. Due to others waiting to adopt a puppy, there are no exceptions to waiting longer than 7-days to select your puppy or pass to a future litter. You do not have to select a puppy when it’s your selection. You can pass until the next litter. After the adoption of puppies from a litter has concluded, the families who adopt a puppy will be removed from the list and everyone below them will move up. When the next litter is born, it will start at the top of the pick list (pick number one).


PUPPIES: AKC puppies come with AKC registration paperwork, AKC New Puppy Packet, Health Record from Veterinarian, Distemper/Parvo Vaccination, Baby Book Sheet, and Kim makes each puppy a blanket with scent from their siblings and mother.


WEBSITE:  - Select Current Puppies – Select Deposit List (Password Protected)

WEBSITE PASSWORD: Provided after a deposit is placed or when requested.


DEPOSIT: The deposit is non-refundable with the following exception: If a person does not have an opportunity to select a puppy from a litter within one year of placing the deposit, they can request a refund of the deposit. This means the person never had the opportunity to select a puppy or pass within one year of placing the deposit.


NOTE: AKC puppies are sold as a pet only with AKC Limited Registration. AKC Full Registration, commonly called Breeding Rights, is not included with the puppy.


All our puppies come pre-spoiled. He will arrive up-to-date on vaccinations, wormed regularly, AKC registration paperwork, vet checked, Distemper/Parvo Vaccination, and Kim makes a blanket for each puppy that smells like his siblings and mother. You will also receive pictures and videos of your puppy from birth until he arrives including updates along the way as you wait for your new puppy. 
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