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Meet our Current Puppies

We have puppies available


Ruby's Puppies were born on April 19, 2019
The puppies are doing great!
AKC Pet Price: $1800 (Shipping not Included)
Deposit: $300
Due at Receipt of Puppy: $1500
All puppies are available until a deposit is placed.
Once a puppy is adopted...I'll updated it below.
Click Link to see Pictures of Puppies
Litter from Apollo and Ruby:
AKC Ace - Tri Male
AKC Amy - Blenheim Female
AKC Ben - Black & Tan Male
AKC Dan - Tri Male
AKC Rob - Ruby Male (adopted by Reales Family)




Ruby went into labor this past Friday. The puppies are 5 days old and doing great! The puppies must eat every two hours. Kim and I set our alarm and checked on the puppies every two hours, night and day, for the first 3 days to make sure they’re warm, with mom, and eating. Then it goes to every 4 hours. It’s a lot like bringing a new baby home from the hospital. We make sure the puppies are warm and eating. They’ll let you know if they’re cold or hungry by whining. Lexi is a great mother! She only leaves the puppies to eat, drink, and restroom breaks. I’m sending this message to everyone on the waiting list. I started with the person who has been on the list the longest and immediately sent it to the next and so on. We follow the Cavalier Breeding Society Guidelines. Kim and I love the puppies. It’s great seeing the puppies born and grow up. We spend lots of time with the puppies! We give all the puppies three or four letter names as placeholders. The family actually picks out the name. Let me know if you’re interested in one of these puppies or would like to be contacted on future litters. All puppies are available until a deposit is placed on the puppy. Deposit can be made in person, check by mail, or PayPal. My phone is not linked to my PayPal. Call or text before making a deposit of any time to make sure the puppy is still available. Thanks. Jeff Smith 256-509-9104


We are an AKC Inspected and Approved Kennel
Link to Sire: River's King Apollo
Link to Dam: River's Royal Ruby
Link: Adoption Process
Link: AKC Inspected & Approved
Link: Leaving For New Home
Link: New Puppy Information
Link: Puppy Feeding
Link: Puppy Dewormer
Link: Testimonials


All our puppies come pre-spoiled. He will arrive up-to-date on shots, wormed regularly, AKC registration paperwork, vet checked and health records. You will also receive pictures and videos of your puppy from birth until he arrives including updates along the way as you wait for your new puppy. 



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